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Eliminate the hassle and worry of acquiring a travel visa with the assistance of American Passport Experts. We will help you decide first if you need a visa for your trip, and if so, we can get you one quickly and affordably. Whether you need a Chinese visa, Brazilian visa or Indian visa, American Passport Experts is here to help. In a hurry? Ask us about rush visas!  

What is a travel visa?
A travel visa is an endorsement (usually a stamp) placed by official of a foreign country on a U.S. passport that allows the bearer to visit that country. Depending on the rules of a given country, U.S. passport-holders may or may not need an entry visa. If a travel visa is required for your country of destinations, instructions on obtaining a visa will be provided.

What are the types of Visas?

  • Tourist visa - issued for a limited time to people traveling strictly for pleasure.
  • Business visa - issued to people traveling for business related engagements.

Select a country from the drop-down list below and the type of visa that you are looking for to see the request requirements:

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Please Note: American Passport Experts is not the U.S. Department of State. We provide expedited Passport & Visa services for an additional fee.

Passports can be obtained from the State Department directly in four to six weeks, with no additional fee.

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